Duolingo - Do You Speak Gender

Duolingo - Do You Speak Gender tackles a timely social issue – the evolution of gender language – with the use of Duolingo, the popular language learning app.

The Challenge: Duolingo sought a fresh campaign to attract teenagers at the start of the school year.

Our Approach: We focused on the emerging issue of gender-neutral pronouns and the lack of such terms in many languages. We believe that inclusive language is key to social progress, and Duolingo provides the perfect platform to promote this change.

we proposed a comprehensive Duolingo update. This includes a dedicated "Gender" language course educating users about both gendered and gender-neutral pronouns, their usage, and the importance of inclusivity. Additionally, we envisioned integrating gender-neutral pronoun options directly into existing languages on the platform. To promote these changes and the overall message of inclusivity, a vibrant marketing campaign featuring new characters and content would be launched within Duolingo.

Below you will find the concept deck to eleborate on the concept and thoughts behind it. It also goes into depth on on how the app works, the additions and the campain.