The Guide To Digital Happiness

The Guide To Digital Happiness offers access to digital nature. Through out the book the reader gets introduced to the concept of digital envoironments and how to access it. Its an informative guide that explains the history, the technicalities and how it works. Its a guide for all ages and makes digital nature through VR accessable for everyone.

Large populations worldwide have been deprived from nature experiences due to quarantines, deforesting and urbanisation and face a looming mental health crisis. Virtual reality offers a safe and practical solution to increase nature exposure. Walking in a virtual forest reduced negative affect due to enhanced nature connectedness, and reduced stress measured by heart rate. Also an improved positive affect due to enhanced nature connectedness. As nature becomes ever sparser in urban areas and time spent indoors on screens increases, direct nature experiences become progressively unavailable to new generations. Access to nature also may be limited due to mobility restrictions and busy work schedules. So how do we find happiness in this digital age? 

The guide is made out of recycled material and the cover is made out of corck. The cover is printed with a 3d printing technique that simulates the texture of the bark used in a 3D model of a tree.