Type Tribute - Studio Triple

Type Tribute is a project dedicated to the graphic and type designer Jérémy Landes. Jérémy is a independent designer from Toulouse, France, but goes under the name Studio Triple. The project got inspired by designs from Studio Triple and uses the fonts made by Jérémy.

Studio Triple is the graphic and type-design studio led by Jérémy Landes, first in Paris then Berlin. Originally from the south-west of France, Landes mixes his love for organic shapes and fresh food in his creations, going from corporate identities to custom typefaces or projects with contemporary artists. Nourished by his various clients and experiences, he also contributes to the Velvetyne Type Foundry, creating and releasing open-source typefaces used around the world.

For this project I got inspired by the organic shapes used by Jérémy in his type design. A lot of his work comes in black and white, so to really dive into the mindset of Jérémy I also decided to mainly focus on the shapes and typography. The type is dancing over the page while the shapes create a playful environment. I decided to use Jérémy’s unique lifestyle as tagline, where he often travels between Paris and Berlin, but once a year returns to his hometown.

The tribute comes as a goodie kit. Every object that comes in the box is themed around Studio Triple. The box contains a flag, a notebook, a t-shirt, a postcard set and a magazine.The magazine goes more in depth about the life and story of Jérémy and his design career.