What Could Have Been - Motion Art

What Could Have Been is a motion art project exploring the bittersweet power of regret. We all experience choices that leave us wondering "what if," and this project delves into the process of that regret. The art uses motion to depict not just the sting of missed opportunities, but also the potential for growth within regret. It reveals how these experiences, even the painful ones, become tools for self-reflection and personal evolution.

Broken hearts, lost jobs, and unforeseen circumstances – these are the raw materials for transformation. The project explores how getting hurt teaches us self-love and resilience, preparing us for deeper connections. Job loss becomes an opportunity to rediscover our passions and forge a new path. Ultimately, "What Could Have Been" challenges the illusion of a perfect life plan, embracing the unexpected twists and turns that shape who we become. It's a reminder that even the most painful regrets can move us towards a brighter future.

Regret gives you an opportunity to rediscover your values and begin a journey down a path you might never have considered possible before. No matter what decision you make, your perfect life plan is an illusion that doesn’t account for the divorce you didn’t anticipate, a global pandemic, economic recessions, a president who is fucking up your country, and your dating life at the same time.

Below are a couple of experiments through out the process. The different materials and the flower models. To building various rooms and The various lightings in the room.