Space Expo - Antwerp

Space - The Human Quest in Antwerp is an immersive expo based on the timeline of human exploration through space. With over 40 replicas, a moon stone, and a simulation, visitors are able to explore the accomplishments and what the future holds in space. 

During my time with Pièce Montée, I had the opportunity to work on the Space Expo. Under the leadership of Janpieter Chielens, we took care of the graphic design for the expo. Meanwhile, I had the chance to discover the secrets of scenography from Henryk Virabian. Through the graphic design and layout, we translated the timeline of human space exploration. With various models, objects, photos, and other items, we highlighted human accomplishments. The Expo ran for 7 months with over 75,000 visitors.

Project by: Pièce Montée
Photos: © Evenbeeld